The following schedules may be changed at the festival promoters request and bands could be substituted upon unforeseen situations.

Nothin Fancy has 30 years of history and are true entertainers! We are so glad Winding Creek is on their 30 year tour! They will be playing Friday & Saturday and will move your emotions in all directions. (Playing Friday and Saturday.)

Nothing Fancy (30 year tour)

The Baker Family took Winding Creek by surprise last year! So glad they could make it for 2024! (Playing Thursday and Friday.)

Baker Family1

Branded Bluegrass are local and really bring on a great show! Come out for a weekend of fun! (Playing Friday and Saturday.)

New Outlook, Lori and Brad always pleases the crowd and bring a nice store to Winding Creek. (Playing Thursday and Saturday.)

New Outlook

Bahler Golden Age Band, hailing from Bennett Switch Indiana. Join this band for Gospel Sunday! (Playing Saturday and Gospel Sunday.)

Bahler Golden Age Band

Booze Hounds, don’t let the name scare you! We love this young have a good time band! Young folks come out and camp for the weekend and enjoy jamming with the Booze Hounds……..Their camp is always open! (Playing Thursday)

Booze Hounds Bluegrass

Alec always has a great group of friends with much talent playing some fun traditional bluegrass songs! Alec loves imitating greats like Ralph Stanley & Bill Monroe. (Playing Friday)

Alec Hurtubise & the Eagle Creek Boys

Carl and the boys have some great bluegrass music and we look forward to the crowds reaction! (Playing Saturday)

Carl Bentley Band

Blue Holler comes from Northern Indiana and we’re glad to have them back for 2024! (Playing Saturday)

Blue Holler Band

Mackville played at Winding Creek last year and came highly recommended by sound man Elijah Doty! This band plays great Gospel Music! (Playing Gospel Sunday)

Mackville Band

Anchored, three lovely ladies with wonderful harmony who show their love for the Lord through voice and actions. Bring your lawn chairs and grab a spot under one of the huge shade trees and enjoy some great Gospel music on Sunday! (Playing Gospel Sunday)


Mrs. Kate

For Kids & Big Kids!

Sunday – 1PM at the log Cabin, She’s a hoot!

Schedule 2024

Shows will run; Rain or Shine


MC – Duane Davis/Bob Auth


3:00PM- Booze Hounds

4:00PM – New OutLook

5:00PM – The Baker Family

6:00PM – Booze Hounds

7:00PM – New OutLook

8:00PM – The Baker Family

9:00PM – Log Cabin Jam with the bands (all welcome)


MC – Staci Jefferies/Duane Davis/Bob Auth

12:00PM   Gates Open

1:00PM   Grab some food, visit the craft booths & enjoy the grounds

2:00PM   Alec Hurtubise & The Eagle Creek Boys

3:00PM   The Baker Family Band

4:00PM   Branded Bluegrass

5:00PM   Nothin Fancy

6:00PM  – Dinner break (please support our food vendors)

7:00PM – Alec Hurtibise & The Eagle Creek Boys

8:00PM – The Baker Family Band

9:00PM – Branded Bluegrass

10:00PM – Nothin Fancy

11:00PM  Closing Announcements. Thanks, Surveys, Sponsors

Workshop Schedule’s 

Friday Beginner Slow Jam (No Speeding)

6:00PM – Join Stew and the Crew at the Slow Jam Shed

               (North of the Blacksmith Shop)



Fiddle  Teacher – Chris Sexton – Nothin Fancy Band

Location: Log Cabin Porch

Mandolin – Teacher – Mike Andes – Nothin Fancy Band

Location: Blacksmith Shop behind log cabin


Basic 5 String Banjo – Teacher – Jacob Flick – Nothin Fancy Band

Location: Log Cabin Porch

Stand Up Bass – Teacher – Jenkins – Nothin Fancy Band

Location:  Slow Jam Shed behind Blacksmith shop

Vocal  – Teacher – Curt Gausman – Nothin Fancy Band

Location: Blacksmith Shop behind log cabin

Youth Workshop 

Teachers are Debbie Lanning, Alec Hurtubise, Bob Auth & Karol Wainscott

Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle & Mandolin

12:30 to 2:30PM (Blacksmith Shop behind main Log Cabin)

4:45 PM (Gather at Blacksmith shop for performance)

5:00 PM (Youth Workshop performance at The Fire Pit)

Stews Slow Jam  (North of Blacksmith Shop)

2:30 PM  Join Stew and the Crew at the Slow Jam Shed

Intermediate Slow Jam (No Speeding)



MC – Staci Jefferies/Duane Davis/Bob Auth

10:00AM   Opening Announcements – Rules, Sponsors, Surveys

11:00AM – Bahler Golden Age Band

12:00PM  – Carl Bentley Band

1:00PM – Blue Holler

2:00PM – New Outlook

3:00PM – Nothin Fancy

4:00PM – Branded Bluegrass

5:00PM   DINNER BREAK                Youth Workshop Students perform at The Fire Pit

5:30PM  – Bahler Golden Age Band

6:00PM – Carl Bentley Band

7:00PM – Blue Holler

8:00PM – New Outlook

9:00PM – Nothin Fancy

10:00PM – Branded Bluegrass

11:00PM  Closing Announcements. Thanks, Surveys, Sponsors


MC – Duane Davis/Bob Auth MC

9:00AM    Winding Creek Friends & Church Service

10:30AM – The Bahler Golden Age Band

11:30AM –  Mackville Band

12:30PM – Anchored Trio

1:00PM – Mrs. Kate “Children Sing Along Program”  “Log Cabin area” 


2:00PM  Bahler Golden Age Band

3:00PM   Mackville Band

4:00PM  Anchored Trio

5:00PM Closing Announcements. Thanks, Surveys, Sponsors.

Jam/Pick at Log Cabin Porch, Blacksmith Shop & New large fire pit.

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